Guest Profile

Leanne Rose

Hi! My name is Leanne and I am a Trans-Channel for a collective consciousness group called The Galayla Collective. I have a background in Mental Health Nursing and Interpersonal therapy, as well as Yoga Teaching and Energy Healing but have always had an interest and love of the Spiritual World.
Since I was very young, I have been able to interpret energy in quite a unique way, as I actually passed away when I was around 6 months old and had to be resuscitated. My guides show me this early exposure to the energy of the spirit world gives me a unique perspective of the world.
I wasn't aware of this until recently however, and my ability to channel didn't 'come online' until around 5 or 6 years ago. This started as a spontaneous experience during a meditation and has since escalated to the Trans-Channelling I do with The Galayla Collective today. 
Our primary focus at the moment is bringing through what we are calling '6th Dimensional Manifestation.' which is the new paradigm of Manifestation. This is a journey back home to the truth of our soul and the truth that we are the Co-Creators of our reality.
The Collective talk a lot about helping us to integrate the duality of being Human (being removed from our Light) and being infinitely connected to the Universe (being at one with our Light). They help us to find meaning in the human experience and remind us that at our core we are pure Love/Light and that one of the reasons we come into these physical forms is to experience the absence of our Light in order to be reconnected to it. They highlight the fact that it is in our darkest moments (such as the loss of a loved one) that we learn to truly value Love, and this ultimately puts us on a path of reconnecting to that energy. This is how they see the 3D world- a journey of reconnection, and reappreciation, to who we truly are at our core.