Guest Profile

Leigh Stima

Having a curious and open mind has lead Leigh Stima to research and experience a broad range of subjects within the alternative healing arena. In addition, she is an avid reader and self-taught explorer of knowledge. Using her intuition, as a guide, she has investigated many subject areas in the field of metaphysics, energy work, and various healing modalities. Along this pathway, she has discovered fascinating concepts and ideas. Consequently, she has gained an understanding of many topics that range from ancient civilizations and symbology to nutrition. She has delved into numerous therapeutic modalities such as sound, color, and aromatic. Also, she has been looking into natural treatments for cancer and various other maladies. Her list of interests and knowledge is endless. She tags herself as a “generalist” while continuing to expand her experiences and interests in the areas of health and spirituality.

As Leigh’s life journey continues to expand her knowledge, she feels that her assignment in this period may be to examine what existence is and the synchronicity and intertwining of her realities and experiences within herself and with other individuals. Over the years, she has become more enraptured by the aspects of life and what is its essence, as she questions, “How do I fit in this framework of being? Why am I here? Who am I really?”

Leigh is a person who is continuously on an eternal path of seeking. She is an explorer of the mysteries of the beginning and infinity. She welcomes the world of discovery and the search for meaning beyond what is seen. She is a detective of the unknown and enjoys sharing with others who are open-minded and in a place to share thoughts and ideas in science, spirituality, and health.