Guest Profile

Lemuela Christina Duskis

Lemuela Christina is the internationally renowned author of Your Body Relationship: Overcoming Weight Obsession. She went on her first diet at the age of 11, where she began a very long journey of self-body hate. She spent 20 years battling her weight with yo-yo dieting, over eating, under eating, and excessive exercise. Through her journey she compiled a set of tools in order to be free from weight obsession. She built a solid relationship with her body by using specific questions, and connecting and communicating with her body in simple ways. The results? Natural weight loss occurred, her weight stabilized, she was freed from weight obsession, and she began to truly love and appreciate her body. Her mission now is to share with others the simple tools, so that people all over the world can love their bodies too. 

Lemuela is the creator of The Love Your Body Class and coaches individuals on how to build a healthy and happy relationship with their body. 

Lemuela has a wild passion for travel and has been to over 70 countries. Currently she is living on the beautiful island of Sardinia, Italy. 

Lemuela holds a Bachelor’s of Science in Psychology and a Master’s Degree in Education.