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Len Wright

My journey has been a very interesting one indeed... What a ride

Spirituality has always been a part of my life, even during times when I was in the dark so to speak and not able to understand what my experiences were trying to teach me. Having always been a "seeker" with a strong intention of wanting to understand "Life and it's true meaning for me", has been the motivator to reach out, open up and become a student and observer of my own experience.

This strong desire to better my life has led me through many doors that at the time seemed to lead nowhere. I am now-here and as Ken Key's Jr. said, "Every experience is my teacher." The numerous gifts that this willingness has brought me are immeasurable and have shaped me into who I AM today.

One of those gifts is the web site you are visiting now, and it has been a personal vision for the last three plus years for me. Now, unfolding as it is, it infuses me with a renewed sense of purpose and vigour in touching the lives of millions worldwide with a message of peace, love and truth. The thought of many of my human family awakening to a better life excites me, a life that holds increased hope, love and a personal path to true freedom.

Over the course of my life I have been involved in many trainings in business as well as personal which has brought out my true inner nature as a natural connector. Everything from Master Practitioner of NLP, hypnosis, marketing, over 16 years of relationship and joint venture experience/ trainings just to name a few, to gaining friendships with some of the most revered global teachers of our time. This period that I find myself journeying through is bringing me moments filled with passion, joy and inner growth. Truly what a ride it has been
Len Wright - The Manifest-Station

I enjoy spending time with my best friend and wife of 19 years, my beautiful 7 year old daughter and our friends. Along with our big puppy, Buddha, we live each moment to its fullest soaking up all that this marvellous and loving Universe continues to provide from one moment to the next.

I believe in Gandhi's statement of "Being the change we want to see in the world" and so endeavour to live from that perspective in all that I do...

It is my sincere hope that becomes the beacon of light for you that it is intended to be. There is so much to this thing we call "Life", that to live beneath our true potential is only a choice. Choose to live every moment to its fullest and reap the grand life that is meant just for you