Guest Profile

Lille Diane

Lille Diane is an artist, singer-songwriter, teacher, and author. She has vivid flying dreams, colors outside the lines with childlike joy, and understands the language of animals and nature hidden to many. Born awake and aware, her journeys through time and space have all led her to a place called Be. Here. Now. Lille has spent her entire life helping others awaken to their true potential, and teaching people how to find the gifts wrapped inside packages that often present themselves as loss, illness, trauma, addictions, or abuse.

Her new song, Remember To Remember is a gift she offers to all as a free download. Jake, her son, took her original music, and added his own talents as an accomplished musician of 14 years to complete the final sound as well as being her recording engineer.
You can find all her music on ReverbNation-Lille

Her blog called Woodstock Lilyis another place she can be found writing as a form of self healing, encouraging others, and sharing from the heart through words, and videos.