Guest Profile

Linda Levitt

Linda taught in the public school system, pre-K through HS, and at the University level for 45 years. She has a background in Autism/Asperger’s, ADHD and Behavior Disorders, which led to her interest in exploring various learning styles & expressions and how schools might be failing to capture the hearts of children to maximize their potential.


In her free time she reads BIG THINK articles about new discoveries in neuroscience, evolution of mankind, the biology of happiness and success, emotional management,  and how to tap into the compassion and connection in all living things. Her dream for many years has been to help create a university of being yourself (“UBU”), where from a very young age…and onward… children are encouraged and aligned with their inner skills, talents, dreams and passions, then supported in finding a pathway to enhance and maximize their visions.


Linda is committed to teaching the value of aligning with nature, sunrise/sunset, time outdoor and using movement in the real world to re-align to our connection to our soul-selves and to the Earth and the Oneness of all.