Guest Profile

Lindsay Morgan Snyder


Lindsay Morgan Snyder is an author, podcast host and content creator currently working on something fun and juicy for television. As a former marketing expert, ghost-writer and leadership consultant, Lindsay brings creativity, humor, and

personal development to the table.


Lindsay’s fascination with personal development goes back to her childhood interest in Zig Ziglar beginning around age 9. With a natural talent and ease towards others, adult Lindsay began a successful dance company and simultaneously worked as the Director of Marketing for an advertising vendor.

Quickly, she was elected to the Board of Directors for the American Marketing Association.


Everything changed after meeting Jesus at age 31. Lindsay switched gears to use her skills and talents in the Christian leadership space and in the process, Lindsay inadvertently began working for one of the biggest names in the personal

development space, John C. Maxwell. Lindsay consulted with organizations on a global event focused on building leaders worth following called Chick-fil Leadercast. Leadercast put Lindsay in close proximity to the best leaders, authors, and thinkers in the world. During this time she was inspired by how

much God wanted His kids back. She told God she wanted to be a missionary and would go anywhere. To her surprise, God didn’t call her to Africa like she had thought He would. Instead, He said “I need missionaries in Hollywood. I want to see people, saved, healed and delivered in creative ways.”


Her now Hollywood-based podcast features Christian artists in and around Hollywood having honest, vulnerable conversations about inner healing, and personal growth. Lindsay’s next writing project is dipping her toe into the

screenwriting genre with a faith-based romantic comedy.