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Guest Profile

Lisa Erickson

Lisa Erickson is a chakra-based energy worker specializing in women's energetics and sexual trauma healing, and author of Chakra Empowerment for Women: Self-Guided Techniques for Healing Trauma, Owning Your Power & Finding Overall Wellness from Llewellyn Publishing. She is certified in mindfulness meditation instruction and trauma sensitivity, and has trained with world-renowned energy intuitive and best-selling author Cyndi Dale. She is also certified in Feeding Your Demons through Lama Tsultrim Allione. She offers both web seminars and private client sessions through her company Enlightened Energetics.

Lisa loves working with clients to help them learn to use their chakras in new ways, fully activating and accessing the powers available to them to heal, empower and awaken. Lisa is a member of the International Association of Meditation Instructors, the American Holistic Health Association, the Energy Medicine Practitioners Association, and The Breathe Network, a non-profit dedicated to supporting holistic healing for sexual trauma survivors. She is also the creator of the popular DailyOM course Awakening Your Feminine Chakras and writer at her longstanding blog Mommy Mystic.