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Lisa Kaye

Lisa Kaye

Lisa Kaye is an influential consultant and advisor in the finance and business arenas.

With a degree in Accounting and a love of mathematics, Lisa has over 19 years of experience in the financial industry and she has traveled around the world studying with the most influential minds in the personal and professional transformation field. Lisa worked actively as a Financial Advisor for fifteen years.

Lisa successfully created, owned, and operated a 40 million financial planning business, selling it in 2009 to pursue a broader range of interests. She was also part owner and participated in creating a 1 billion business. Lisa's core passion focuses on facilitating people around the world in creating and running businesses that empower people in doing what they love to do.
"So many people are in jobs that they are not inspired by," says Lisa, "I can see talents in people that they may not recognize in themselves and I love helping them to build the platform to share their skills and gifts with the world."

With a gift for communicating with people to assist them in resolving their problems and challenges to gain a whole new level of power and clarity, Lisa is extremely aware of the dynamics of human behavior and the authentic talents and potential of individuals.

Lisa is a focused and determined woman with a strong intuition in business and has an extraordinary ability to develop successful strategies to assist people in making financial fortunes doing exactly what they are most inspired to do.

"I facilitate individuals and organizations in identifying and establishing new sources of revenue to finance and grow their personal and professional wealth. I also coach and consult business owners and executives to manage the growth and development of successful businesses. Most entrepreneurs are great with business ideas and concepts but not all of them can manage the financial and business requirements of creating a business. That is my area of expertise. I am the financial reason my clients succeed."
"If you hear a voice within you say 'you cannot paint', then by all means paint, and that voice will be silenced."-Van Gogh