Guest Profile

Lisa Williams

Lisa mum of two girls, first started out on her business journey in 2013 whilst she was on maternity leave with her eldest daughter Alysa, what originally started as a hobby became a passion and supported her through many difficult life lessons. In 2016 Lisa suffered her first miscarriage whilst trying for her second child and again heartache occurred early 2017 with her second loss. During this time Lisa found herself in a dark place in that dark whole she didn't know how to escape. Lisa turned to network marketing to find some answers when she knew she needed to get out of the rut she had found herself trapped in. During her journey through MLM she developed her personal growth journey and started her healing process. Whilst this journey was not easy, Lisa made her daily practice to incorporate some personal growth into her routine each and every day. Which she still does now on a daily basis and teaches this to her clients. In 2019 Lisa became I vision board coach, she was passionate about how vision boards had helped her out of her dark place, they have enabled her to be strong and focused especially during her third miscarriage in late 2019, she wanted to be able to help others. Lisa has now had her rainbow baby during a global pandemic and also had her dream wedding, she wants others to be able to live their dream life through vision boarding. Lisa has also shared her story in a bestselling book SEEN.