Guest Profile

Liz Murdoch

Dog Relationship Coach & Animal Communicator Liz Murdoch has been producing a-ha moments, how-did-you-know-that moments, and wow-you’re-so-right moments with clients for over 25 years.


A Teachers’ College, Columbia University-trained educator, she specializes in talking and listening to dogs. She helps and teaches people how to go beyond guessing and trusting assumptions to gaining detailed perspective on how to effectively address pets’ needs and behaviors. Liz is adept at sharing insights on what each animal specifically wants their people to know. 


Her work typically fosters stronger human-animal connections that nurture openings to mutual understanding. Liz is a professional facilitator who draws on her corporate, non-profit, and classroom teaching and training experience to support dog lovers of all ages engage in “multi-sensory dog conversations” themselves!


For any skeptics out there- know Liz  purposefully asks for very minimal information from her clients before meeting. Her sessions happen live in the moment and without foreknowledge of an animal’s personality, likes, dislikes, background, home life or any pressing questions. 


Yes, once upon a time Liz was an Ivy-Leaguer designing edutainment programming with Harry Potter and Looney Tunes, or instructing teachers, parents, and students in Active Listening and accessing intuitive abilities to build community and resilience. These experiences, plus her dog training and work with the AKC’s Canine Good Citizen program, Pet Partners and as a trainer at the Center for Human Development set her apart in the animal communication work she does today.


Every day Liz has eye-opening chat sessions with clients all over the world via Zoom. Her unique dog and people conversations help alleviate or resolve behavioral issues, health and final stage of life concerns. Every aspect of what she does integrates nurturing an expanded version of Active Listening skills with adults, children and pets! 


Liz is grateful to support clients with recommendations based on the needs dogs share, even if it means telling you your concerns will be better addressed by a trainer or vet.


Check out how her sessions work, visit at the Liz Murdoch YouTube channel or her Talking with the Dogs! podcast. You can watch or listen to a session with a past client, or pet professional aligned with her work.


If you have a family dog, or are a professional or volunteer that works with dogs and wants to experience increased understanding, dog joy and help pets and their people thrive, Liz Murdoch can help!