Guest Profile

Lizanne Flynn

Lizanne Flynn is an intuitive empath, advisor and teacher who works equally well with both humans and animals. She is trained and certified as a Reiki Master and Teacher and a Canine Massage Therapist. Lizanne has built a reputation as an Animal Communicator specializing in connecting hearts and bridging dimensions for humans and animals whether living or in spirit. She communicates with animals and their guardians so that behavior and health issues can be brought out into the open for healing. The relationships we have with these sentient beings of a different species have all the ups and downs, ebbs and flows, and challenges of our same species relationships with other humans.

Lizanne helps clients reconnect with their Divine Selves and remove blocks that may be interfering with their lives and impeding their life's journey. Her work includes exploring past lives, and connecting with Guides and Angels so the true purpose of a life event whether it's occurring via career, relationship or health can be gently and safely revealed for the lesson being presented by the soul. Lizanne's abilities as a medical intuitive clarify past, present and future health issues so clients - both human and animal - can reconnect with their bodies and form a relationship with their body based on health, harmony and love.

During any of Lizanne's readings whether they are for a human or for the animal-human relationship, her skills as a Medium enable her to connect with loved ones already transitioned in spirit who will often come forward to assist with the self-healing process and to offer words of advice or comfort. As with the animal communication sessions, Lizanne follows the lead of the energy that comes forth knowing that there is always a reason for who comes through first..