Guest Profile

Loa Blasucci

Loa Blasucci wants to change your life inside out, and outside in. She invites you to feel beautiful. Loa made her mark in Hollywood as one of the top makeup artists in the business, making our beloved celebrities look their best in fashion magazines such as Vanity Fair and GQ. On TV and the silver screen, her credits list a string of blockbuster films-- Two Weeks Notice, The Green Mile, The American President, Best in Show, A Mighty Wind--grooming actors such as Rob Reiner, Eugene Levy, Christopher Guest. Hugh Grant, Sir Anthony Hopkins, Raquel Welch, James Caan, Courteney Cox, and Mathew McConaughey. Additionally, for TV and runway fashion shows a galaxy of stars have shone brightly because of Loas careful touch.

Loa Blasucci is now deeply rooted in the fitness industry as a certified sports nutritionist, fitness instructor and personal trainer whose clients range from professional athletes and Hollywood actors to stay-at-home moms and neighborhood dads. She teaches a one-of-a-kind mind and body-sculpting class, fusing elements of yoga, Pilates, ballet, strength training, balance, and guided mediation at premiere gyms in the LA area. Loa designed and leads the Optimum Wellness Boot Camp, the curriculum which inspired and gave birth to her soon to be released first book, All Healths Breaking Loose. Merging 25 years of experience in the fitness and beauty industries, she continues to edify others through her bi-weekly column in the La Canada Valley Sun a division of the LA Times and her radio showboth--also entitled All Healths Breaking Loose.

Loa wants to sculpt your body and purify your mind. She will urge you down a path that is at once focused and expansive, serene and energetic, a freedom that leaves no choice but the happy obligation to live powerfully and well. She will do this, yes, by sharing her wealth of knowledge. But, theres a secret ingredient, too:
Loa admires you. Through her workshops and seminars she shares her great respect for the amazing design of the human body, the depth of what it can endure, and the powerful healing machine that it is. She teaches with warm inspiration, smiles when she sees the beauty inside you, and is simply giddy with excitement for you to see it, too.