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Guest Profile

Lola Jones

Lola Jones has transformed lives for over 25 years, and her work has spread by word of mouth to over 100 countries for one reason--because it works, and works fast. Six years ago, at age 51, Lola received a gift of Grace that catapulted her work to miraculous new power and effectiveness.

Lola has become a teacher of teachers, leaders, and healers. Her joyful life is dedicated to being an example of living full out in the physical world while awakening others. Now the majority of her time is spent at the big picture level - leading, writing, creating, innovating, singing, painting, and training others to do what she does. She lives a rather non-public life, letting the book, online courses, audios, and other Divine Openings Givers do most of the person-to-person work.

While she travels occasionally, most of the live contact available with Lola is at her ten acre ranchette in Texas in the 5 Day Silent Retreats, where she leads people to new heights just for their own evolution, and initiates those who wish to give Divine Openings to others. She may have moved to the Malibu Hills of California by the time you read this to be near her soulmate who is a film maker.