Guest Profile

Lore Goldstein, LMHC, M.Ed., M.S.

Lore Goldstein, LMHC, M.Ed., M.S., began her journey as a quest to heal from physical health issues that included severe brain fog, anxiety, PCOS, and “mystery” skin rashes/breakouts. She also struggled with finding her purpose in the world, bouncing between several careers, and obtaining multiple degrees/certifications. It took working for 2 years in an Eskimo village in Alaska and ditching the gluten, sugar, and dairy from her diet, to eliminate many of her physical health symptoms and connect with herself emotionally and spiritually. It was here that made the choice to change her life and fully embrace her powerful intuitive gifts.

After her Alaskan adventure, Lore mustered up the courage to close her psychotherapy private practice, end her marriage of 17 years, and move back to Miami. She experienced first hand the grief, guilt, and loss felt from making difficult choices that impacted others but knew that in the long run that following her spirit would bring even greater joy and abundance for all parties involved.

Lore was recognized and sought out in the psychotherapy field for her transformational work with teenagers who were experiencing audio and visual hallucinations. While certainly not conventional, she found that the use of crystals, Tarot cards, mindset shifts, and visualization helped her young adults work through emotional distress that was creating their symptoms. It was proof that an alternative approach worked, and the metaphysical can work in tandem with practical, evidence-based solutions.

Lore now runs an intuitive consulting business and is known as a “digger-upper of the unseen”. She marries her spiritual / past-life work with her background as a holistic trauma therapist to teach people who they are at soul-level (their purpose and gifts), help them create greater meaning in life, and work through the roadblocks that are standing in the way of their goals. She is a certified Soul Realignment Practitioner, completing studies in an intuitive methodology and protocol that promotes accurate and ethical readings.

Lore’s eclectic training and experiences have made her a unique, go-to expert on topics such as anxiety/stress, creating greater fulfillment and meaning in life, purpose and gifts, confidence, authenticity, and breaking the cycle of self-sabotage. She speaks and holds workshops for private corporations, yoga studios, entrepreneurial groups, and professional associations such as the local Chamber of Commerces, InterNations, and Women’s Prosperity Network. She completed several trainings for the FDA’s Office of Criminal Investigation team to expose them to holistic, alternative trauma solutions in order to help them be more effective first responders.

Lore works with clients from all over the United States as well as internationally with clients in Canada, New Zealand, and throughout Europe to help them understand their experiences, step into their authenticity, feel worthy instead of broken, and make the needed shifts to reach their personal and professional goals. She believes that this life is way too short to struggle and risk one’s health, career, relationships, happiness… the things that matter. She is a natural motivator and draws from an eclectic toolbox that includes EMDR, Tapping (EFT), and education from two master's degrees and her naturopathic studies.

Lore is a professional psychic, past-life expert, psychotherapist, spiritual teacher, holistic health practitioner, a believer in the healing forces of nature, an alchemist, adventurer, and hopeless fan of House Hunters International. She is a recent transplant to Annapolis, Maryland from Miami Beach, Florida (and still goes back and forth), and lives with the love of her life and 3 crazy cats who should really be named Entitled, Hungry, and Holy Terror.