Guest Profile

Lori Petro

Lori Petro is a mom, parent educator, writer, speaker, children's advocate and the founder of TEACH through Love. She graduated magna cum laude from Temple University with her bachelors in Early Childhood and Elementary Education. After a personal journey of healing and self-reflection, Lori launched TEACH through Love in 2002 with the intent of raising awareness and advocating for the ethical treatment of children, with the aim of changing the status quo a favorite pastime of parenting and education and redefining how we communicate with each other.

Lori has participated in numerous local and online efforts to spread awareness. Her curriculum and materials are used by schools, therapists and community organizations nationwide. She regularly speaks at universities, parenting groups, schools and educational conferences.

At age 38, Lori discovered the missing piece of her childhood-she grew up with undiagnosed Asperger's Syndrome. This not only made sense of the confusion and anxiety she felt much of her life, but it fueled her passion for helping adults understand the needs of children because, FINALLY, she knew exactly why she never understood those pesky adults. While they tried to change her to fit their world, she grew up to find that she would try and change the world, instead.