Guest Profile

Lorna McLean

Lorna Mclean is a Love Worker ... a Practitioner and Teacher of Usui/Tibetian & Karuna Reiki.

Having over 30 years experience of practicing a more spiritual way of being through meditation and mindfulness and over 15 years experience practicing Reiki & a wide range of holistic therapies including reflexology, aromatherapy, slavic and tantric massage. Lorna often finds the energies blending, weaving and merging together to suit a clients individual requirements at any given time.

Lorna is a Wayshower and Catalyst,working with people from all walks of life, helping them to empower themselves and look after their own well-being,supporting a comprehensive range of clients, helping those suffering as a result of cancer, stress, bereavement, HIV / aids, behavioral problems, relationship problems, various abuse issues and addictions. She conducts individual and group sessions and also teaches private clients and groups, presents workshops, gatherings and offer the 'Massage in Schools Program' to school children. Lorna uses her own life experiences as examples in her teaching... offering a more positive way of being even in the most tragic of circumstances.

More recently in 2011, she was blessed and gifted the Dzogchen Ngondro Foundation Teachings of Tibet's Yungdrung Bon Tradition by Lama Khemsar Rinpoche The Ancient Native Buddhism of Tibet originated from Zhang-Zhung Shambala whose History can be traced back to 18,000 years.She is the founder of Reiki Gatherings in Glasgow and runs those annually to audiences from all over Scotland.

She brings forward the Divine Feminine Goddess energies in a loving and sensitive way and runs workshops to help women release the power and passion within.