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Guest Profile

Lucas Robak

Many people tell Lucas that he radiates positive energy and that his smile lights up a room. Then there are others who say he’s one of the most inspirational people they know with their own results to prove it.

As a selfless giver, Lucas wants nothing more than for everyone to reach their desired level of excellence by being the person he wishes he had in his life. Hang around with him long enough and he will honestly tell you, “Anything I can do you can do better!”

The variations of board membership, non-profit leadership, volunteerism, writing, workshop facilitation, training, speaking, leading, organizing, collaborating, publishing, and teaching are all rolled into one big thinking visionary with profound foresight.

Since being diagnosed with one of the most debilitating neurological disorders we know about, Lucas has published many personal development books (helped others do the same), become an organizer for The Wellness Fair (implementing innovative practices), been interviewed for many podcasts and journals, taught personal development classes, spoke at business conferences, lead many business projects/groups, and yet, he still finds time to be a "lab rat" for university studies pertaining to chronic illnesses as his way to give even more back to this world!