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Guest Profile

Lucinda Bassett

For millions of people worldwide, Lucinda Bassett is a symbol of hope and strength. She has dedicated her career to helping others achieve personal transformation; guiding people through fear, challenge, change, and loss to a life of happiness and fulfillment. Lucindas own story of personal transformation starts with overcoming a debilitating anxiety disorder. Severely affected by anxiety and depression in her 20's, she discovered the solution to her emotional pain and distress. Determined to help others do the same, she founded the acclaimed Midwest Center for Stress and Anxiety with Dr. Philip Fisher.

Lucinda's life-changing techniques have been shared with a variety of major corporations, professional associations and educational institutions. She has appeared on hundreds of national radio and television programs including Oprah, The View, Regis and Robert Schuller's Hour of Power. Lucinda and her emotional wellness solutions have been featured in numerous high-profile publications including Health, Family Circle, Cosmopolitan and even the Journal of Clinical Psychology.

Lucinda is the author of the National Bestseller From Panic to Power where she provides an intimate, first person account of her struggle and triumph over anxiety and depression. In her second book, Life Without Limits, Lucinda shares her techniques for unleashing the power within to achieve your dreams.

Her latest wellness project is scheduled for release in January 2011. The Solution will empower readers worldwide with the secret to conquering your fear and controlling your future.