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My Wild Magic with Adrienne: All About Indigo Souls

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Lucy Wyatt

Lucy Wyatt

Lucy is author of Approaching Chaos could an ancient archetype save C21st civilization? - published at the start of 2010 by O Books. In this book she discusses an alternative view of our ancient history using well documented evidence evidence that others have misinterpreted and misunderstood. She believes that the original ancient archetype of civilization has lessons for us now in the C21st about how to live in harmony with Nature and in comfort. As well as writing and talking about her book, Lucy lives on an unspoiled eco farm near the East coast of England which has 600 year old oak trees and is home to a variety of cattle, sheep, pigs and horses. She is also interested in earth energies and leads pilgrimages on equinoxes and solstices in her local area for the Gatekeeper Trust.