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Luke Sutton

Fly High Joy - Creating New Smiles Every Day - You have to admit, our world has become a stressful, crazy, chaotic place, and it seems to be getting more so every day. The creation of our Fly High Joy brand of designer products came from our own desire to focus more on JOY in our lives, in spite of what is going on in the world at large.

It started with a cute, funny color drawing that I created a number of years ago, a drawing of a Joy-Heart figure with arms and legs and socks and cool sneakers, jumping for JOY with a very Joyful expression on the Heart face, and outstretched arms & hands. I started drawing this character all the time, and focusing on it, because for me, it really expressed what JOY is all about. Not so much an emotion like happiness, but more of a deeper, gleeful abandonment.

I've had a reference point for this feeling from my many years of deep meditation and focus through my practices since 1980 in Zen & Tibetan Buddhism and Bhakti Yoga, and since 1996, through disciplines Ive learned and practiced at the Ramtha School of Ancient Wisdom, plus my daily HoloSync meditations. It is through these many practices that, at times, Ive experienced what I call Pure JOY and Love. Its an indescribable, utterly delicious feeling of quiet, inner abandonment that puts a big smile on my face. It has nothing to do with any kind of typical love that we humans struggle with all the time. Its more of a deep, unconditional love that fills me with such JOY.

But in my daily life, what with being swayed by the need to survive and make a living, Ive often let the pull of the world dim my inner light. That's why I started drawing my jumping JOY-Heart figure in red heart and blue heart versions all the time on blank cards, in notebooks, in greeting cards, etc. because every time I did that, it made me smile and remember my true purpose in this world. And whenever Liza, my wife would look at my JOY-Heart drawings, she would get a big smile on her face, and it would brighten that moment for her.

Then one day, Liza said We should make t-shirts with your JOY-Heart figure on them and share the JOY with others. I thought that was a great idea, so we proceeded to create a line of high quality, ultra-soft & comfy designer clothing and plush toys, along with other products still in the works, all bearing the message of JOY.

We explored our creative minds to find a really good, meaningful name for the brand and the company, and eventually, Liza came up with Fly High Joy. The first time she said the name, it hit home for me, and I knew that was it. Thus, the Fly High Joy brand of products was born with the vision to Spread the JOY, and Create New Smiles Every Day.