Guest Profile

Lydia Knorr

Lydia Knorr has over 25 years in the health and wellness industry, formerly as a Registered Dietitian, working in education and media and currently as a Speaker, Writer and Wellness Coach. 


Following some pivotal life experiences that included being widowed without warning, navigating cancer, and a period of unhealthy coping mechanisms, Lydia began to incorporate a holistic approach to well-being that focused on the health of her body, mind and soul. The benefits she realized prompted her to create her signature program, Discovering Y.O.U. (Your Own Uniqueness) where she delivers keynotes and workshops in the areas of personal growth, connection to self and positive change. She helps people get to the heart of what they truly value, and empowers them to embody a whole-health approach to living that results in a thriving, purposeful and fulfilling existence. Lydia was also recently published in the bestselling compilation book, Ignite Your Inner Spirit, which can be purchased on her website at or through Amazon.