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Lyn Hicks

I am a zany, playful spirit who tremendously enjoys nature! I  inspire you to gain  health through relaxation and play. I began my journey toward educating  when I first hosted a Vibrant Living Festival on my organic flower farm! After words, World traveling Masters  came to share in retreats, I did the practices and I began sharing the wisdom I learned from them, even wrote a book  for it transformed me! Practical spirituality and creative practices,  the yoga of living! Making each day a meditation in artistry, presence and relaxation! I share ways to make this possible in our every day hectic lives with both men and woman.


I am a great student of things esoteric . I am an initiate and minister in the Movement of Spiritual Inner Awareness, MSIA, my highest study. I have been on a spiritual path all my life and was delighted to learn of the sacredness of being a woman. My upbringing told me nothing of this so it has become my path to share what I learned. My ministry is learning to minister to myself first and then overflow unto others. We often know how to care for others and will do so to our own negation, playing the martyr role that depletes us of our life energy. This does not work, we all know for that is what we are doing!  "Take care of yourself first so you may better serve others" is the law. As I learn to minister to myself in this way, I share with you this journey of truly offering our best from our overflow.


I am in the  Dragon Gate Line of Tai Chi Chuan, oral tradition, teaching  basic health moves for your body. Trained in Aharaj Yoga, the yoga of empowerment used to destress and strengthen the energy of your body.  I learned from Himalayan Masters of The Northern Gate. I share wisdom from many feminine Priestess practices of Egypt, Persian, India and other ancient cultures of woman. Often called practices of the "Red Tent"  when woman had a strong feminine community,


Maria Soledad, from Brazil,South America, is my favorite for she showed beauty power in a way I had never seen before. Not in a Warrior way but a way of melting beauty and love of a nourishing force that had great power.  This cultivated my Divine Feminine awareness, the power of Yin energy that we do not see much. She taught me most about these loving ways of "The Art of a Priestess, a woman of Spirit". I can share them with you and transform your experience as a woman! I delight in the Chinese and Indian traditions as well as herbs, plants and sound healing.  I found the greatest health and shift through truly being in my body and senses, cultivating this daily, embracing my innate  qualities of nurturing, expressing creativity and beauty, inspiring others, being playful and light, truly embracing the woman I already am.


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