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Pets Talk: with Pet Communicator Dr. Monica Diedrich: Why is it important to know what your animals are thinking, feeling, and to understand their change in behaviors?

Guest Profile

Lynda Cole

Lynda Cole is an R.N., stress relief educator, and musician, with many years experience in western and eastern approaches to health and well-being. Lynda worked as a massage therapist for 20 years, studying a variety of healing modalities, and also has worked since 1987 as a Hospice and Mental Health Nurse, and is a Hakomi trained counselor. Lynda plays harp, a variety of silver and ethnic flutes, and is a singer-songwriter with three music cds that inspire relaxation, playfulness, and aliveness.

Lynda teaches her program, Relief Right Now, a mindfulness based stress relief class series,at Bay Area Hospital in Coos Bay, Oregon, and works as a nurse part time in their behavioral health unit. She has an audio class series, Relief Right Now, available online at, as well as available in a three cd set., and


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