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Guest Profile

Lyndia Leonard

Lyndia Leonard

Lyndia Leonard is a mother to four, grandmother to nine and Keeper of the Earth. She has devoted her life to making the Earth more user friendly through an array of spiritual, political, social justice and business projects. Her official degreed training is in the fields of Social Work and Public Policy. She has much training in the area of healing; mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually.

Lyndia is well known in several communities as an active teacher and leader. She has the ability to bring together diverse groups of people, applying the spiritual in uplifting, practical applications. In her long career, her accomplishments are too numerous to list. Here is a sampling of the variety of her activities. She has:

Taught on the Community College and University levels
Self educated expert on microalgae and the effects on consciousness
Co-authored and had funded programs designed for womens empowerment
Managed one of the top 5 public radio stations in the country
Founded 2 domestic violence programs
Assisted in the preservation of a culturally significant piece of land through working with the government to purchase the development rights a first in the US
Assisted in raising 10 million to fund a number of worldwide hunger projects
Founded a group to redistribute a sizable inherited wealth to social change projects
Co-founded 2 charter schools
Brought Hawaiian people together to share the spiritual nature of their culture
Assisted in making tapa cloth to bury ancestral bones returned to the Hawaiian people after 100 years in the possession of Harvard and the Smithsonian
Worked with Native American groups learning from the elders
Had a 3 year apprenticeship with a Lakota Elder
Assisted in fundraising for a Ecuadorian school for teaching ancient medicinal wisdom
Designed or brought programs to at risk teens including Challenge Day
Founded a private practice educating families on emotional literacy and social skills
Grown plants for a Hindu Monastery
As a master gardner and composter, trained others how to live more in balance with nature
On going study with a spiritual teacher in Colorado for the past 25 years
Recently created a petition to save whales which generated well over 500,000 signatures

Lyndia is the recipient of many local and national awards. She is mentioned or written about in books, Magazines and numerous business journals. She is featured in several documentaries on business, childrens mental health and personal growth. During all these diverse activities, she has created a successful business, been happily married for 35 years and spent much time sailing on the Pacific Ocean. She is a lover of Nature