Guest Profile

Lynn Colwell

Lynn Colwell and Corey Colwell-Lipson, co-authors of Celebrate Green, are mom and daughter. Corey is a licensed marriage and family therapist and board-certified art therapist. For many years, Lynn was in public relations and corporate communications and for the last three years, was a life coach with clients around the U.S. and Canada.

Lynn: I'm married to the most incredible man going on 40 years, mom of three grown children and a grandma Abba to four. I care about what happens to our grandchildren and future generations of our family, but I also, like most moms, am concerned about the survival of all children and of our planet.

Over the course of my life, I've had a series of jobs, every one of which I've enjoyed. I like to think of myself as a Renaissance woman with a short attention span and a shot of Buddhist in-the-moment living thrown in.

Ambition has never fueled me and neither has money. Rather, what matters to me is being fully engaged in whatever work I'm doing. That's why I've taken a crack at a dizzying mix of occupations from freelance writer I wrote the only authorized biography of humorist Erma Bombeck, to Lamaze childbirth instructor, to children's clothing designer, to PR and corporate communications and, for the last three years, life coach.

When Corey shared with me the idea for Green Halloween see Green, I not only jumped on board immediately, but saw the potential to revolutionize the way people think and act around every celebration.

I couldn't be more excited about working with my brilliant, talented, compassionate daughter in sharing our message with as many people as possible.

Corey: I'm a wife and the mother of two children ages seven and four. I'm also an eco-preneur, a writer and a licensed marital and family therapist/clinical art therapist.

As you would suspect, my passions include all things green and healthy. I especially enjoy helping parents and parents-to-be create healthy and eco-wise lifestyles, regardless of how much money they make, how much time they have and whether or not they're already eco-savvy. I also enjoy working with companies who are striving to meet the demand for green goods, or who are looking to make the products or services they already sell more people and Earth-friendly. Likewise, my current work with local and state governments on supporting healthy and sustainable holidays is incredibly gratifying. By working systemically, I know that meaningful and long-lasting change can be made.

My own journey to being green began as a child my family was the first I knew to have solar panels on our roof, but it wasn't until I became a mother that my concern for the planet and my resolve to do something about this concern took hold. Like other moms, I began with baby steps by changing the foods I fed my family and then, as I learned more, changed the clothing we wore, the products we put on our skin, the toys my kids played with and the cleaning supplies I used. In addition to recycling, my family began to "reduce" and to find creative ways to "reuse".

Although I've learned a lot over the years and have a lot to share, I'm still learning and growing too. Leading a healthy lifestyle and reducing my family's eco-footprint is an ever evolving process. My journey is made all the better when it's shared with others who are trying to do the same.

It's been incredibly rewarding to work and play alongside my mom as we strive to change the way Americans celebrate life's big and small occasions. Cheers