Guest Profile

Lynn Serafinn

Lynn Serafinn is a transformation coach, book promotion coach, radio host and bestselling author of the book "The Garden of the Soul: lessons from four flowers that unearth the Self." Widely traveled and regarding herself as a citizen of the world, Lynn is originally from the US and currently resides in Bedford, England. Coming from a long professional background in the music industry, Lynn started her professional career as a classical violinist, went on to spend extended periods of time living and traveling in India studying music and spirituality, and eventually became an electronic musician, studio owner with several successful releases in the trance and ambient market in the 1990s through a small record label she co-founded. In the early 2000s, she became a full-time educator in music technology and an e-learning mentor for teachers. She earned an MA in adult education and distance learning and received the Microsoft UK Innovative Teacher of the Year Award in 2005, for her creative use of technology in education.

Desiring to make a more meaningful impact in the world, in 2007, at the age of 52, she made a complete career shift by starting her practice as a coach and author. Since then, she has not only become a bestselling author with her book The Garden of the Soul, but she has also helped tens of thousands of people all over the world tap into their inner hero through her writing, radio broadcasts, workshops, public speaking and coaching. Owing to her rare combination of technological and entrepreneurial expertise, along with a deep understanding of both the arts and spirituality, she became a natural at developing internet-based marketing strategies for mind-body-spirit authors, and has produced several top-10 book campaigns, including four 1-sellers, in 2010 alone. In 2010, she also created Spirit Authors, an online membership site that offers training, coaching, business-building and inspiration for mind-body-spirit authors, whether established or aspiring. She also works 1-to-1 with holistic and ethical business owners to build their promotional platforms using a new paradigm based upon connection, inspiration and collaboration.

Lynn is passionate about raising awareness about the profound impact marketing and media have upon our health on a physical, spiritual, societal and economic level, and how we can become more conscious consumers and business owners. Her highly-anticipated book The 7 Graces of Marketing: how to heal humanity and the planet by changing the way we sell is due for release on June 21, 2011, and delivers talk and workshops on this topic on both sides of the Atlantic.