Guest Profile

Lynn Smith

Lynn became interested in coaching after having experienced the impact of having a coach. It was a very powerful experience and a pivotal point in her life. She knew she wanted to help others impact their lives in the same way.

Before becoming a health coach Lynn was a massage therapist, specializing in caring for women. Through this she was able to see firsthand the toll that stress can have on the body. But it doesn't have to be that way. Stress is merely our reaction to events and/or circumstances. We can learn to react differently. Sometimes we just need a little help doing that.

As a mother of two, Lynn knows what it feels like to try and balance everything, and she understands the feelings of guilt when we do something just for us.

But we need to take care of ourselves in order to be able to take care of our families

Lynn would to help you create a healthy lifestyle for yourself. One in which you feel good and have the energy for the important things in life.

Lynn Smith and Debbie Schroeder - Health Coach Team
Debbie and Lynn are passionate about helping professional women achieve balance between career, family, and their health. Together, their goal is to help empower and inspire people to live balanced, healthy lives. Their passion is to help you learn some simple strategies to live a happier, healthier, energetic life. They will help you sort through the confusion about diet and fitness so you can access your bodys natural state, which is optimal health and vitality. It is with this goal in mind that they were inspired to write, The YES Diet: A New System for Permanent Weight Loss.