Guest Profile

Madame Athena Chang

Madame Athena Chang specializes in educating, engaging and aiding individuals in creating healthy, long -term lifestyle changes. She most recently served as Director of Community at Beautycounter, a safer beauty and cosmetics line. There, she was responsible for increasing awareness of the many toxic chemicals that are in our skincare and household products. Her primary focus included the Africa n American and Latino communities most affected. Within a six - month period, she increased awareness of health and safety standards in beauty products to over 20,000 live attendees and upwards of 500,000 online hits. She also supported a field of 20,000+ consultants in growing t heir Beautycounter businesses and grew the consultants of color field by 150%. Madame has consulted with the United Nation’s health agency in St. Lucia, the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO), and the Health Promoting School Project. She also co -hosted Healthy for Life, a health talk show for Jamie Foxx’s Foxxhole on Sirius XM. An impassioned entrepreneur, Madame founded the health -based business, Madame Chang, Inc., in 1998 and later added For Life, Inc., its non -profit arm. Ms. Chang is a graduate of a Columbia University with a Master’s in Educational Development with a specialization in Health

ÀṢẸ Beauty (pronounced AH SHAY) is a collection of high-performing, clean beauty products, especially for women of color. We are inspired by the West African philosophical concept through which one can conceive the power to make things happen and produce change. Our mission is to create clean, luxurious beauty products that enhance a woman’s beauty without compromising their well- being or our environment