Guest Profile

Madeleine Pickens

Madeleine Pickens is the Founder of Saving Americas Mustangs, thoroughbred horse breeder and animal rights advocate. She is also the wife of legendary energy titan and philanthropic businessman, T. Boone Pickens. The couple has lobbied tirelessly for the American Horse Slaughter Prevention Act. Their efforts helped lead the House to pass the bipartisan-backed bill to end the slaughter of horses for human consumption. Most recently, Mrs. Pickens is working to create a wild horse eco sanctuary for wild mustangs, hoped to be a tourist destination similar to our National Parks where Americans and tourists from around the world can come, observe, be a part of the wild mustangs and help to preserve their American heritage. She will obtain the federal horses estimated 11,000 from the short-term holding pens that the Bureau of Land Management have set up after they forcefully removed the mustangs from the range. Madeleine Pickens million acre eco sanctuary will be a patriotic place designed for people of all ages to come and see their land and their horses. It will be a place that will show how America came to be and why the wild horse is such an integral part to our American history and culture. Where American families, couples, boys and girl scout troops, students, ecologists, people with special needs, and tourists from other countries can come stay and see the desert landscape at its most natural and preserved state. People will get to see wild horses roaming free, native wildlife, and the beautiful desert landscape like they never have before.

There will be endless activities on the grounds. There will be electronic classrooms complete with educators and educational seminars about the wild horses and Native American history. Guided hikes through the desert, camping in teepees, special campfires with musical storytelling and Native American legends, arts and crafts, creative writing, photography, internships, and learning the science of the land and caring for the horses will be just a few of the things guests can participate in. There will be plenty of eco-friendly log cabins and teepees for lodging.

Madeleine and Boone Pickens divide their time between their home in Dallas, their scenic Mesa Vista Ranch in the Texas panhandle, and their home in Del Mar, California.