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Guest Profile

Makasha Howard Roske

Makasha Roske brings over 50 years experience as a social architect, meta designer, entrepreneur, futurist, promoter, networker and spiritual guide to his role as co-founder and steward of Hummingbird Community. Located on 500 acres of pristine land in northern New Mexico, Hummingbird Community is a living laboratory of co-creation in service to conscious evolution.

In 1972 Makasha co-founded World Family and has been a principle focalizer for international festivals and link-ups for world peace including World Invocation Day Festivals, the John Lennon Tribute, Harmonic Convergence, Campaign for the Earth, and the Children's Torch of Hope. In addition he was a key supporter for the First Earth Run, Live Aid Event, and Birth 2012.

Through entrepreneurial ventures and nonprofit organizations, Makasha has been instrumental in shifting consciousness in the areas of social investing, conscious commerce, health and nutrition, gentle birthing, integral education, and conscious media. His devotion to the younger generations has fueled his co-founding and contributing over the past 3 decades to the growth of his family's youth organization, Earth Guardians. He is also a Board member of Barbara Marx Hubbard's Foundation for Conscious Evolution and a core member of her meta-design team.

Makasha is the father of 8, grandfather of 21, and great-grandfather of 13. As a guardian of the "new dream," Makasha is passionately committed to whole-systems transformation and midwifing a co-creative planetary culture in service to the well being of all life.