Guest Profile

Malathy Drew

Malathy Drew is constantly humbled, honored and gratefully blessed to have been given the vision and commitment to create Whispering Energy. She developed Whispering Energy as a comfortable, safe, healing space for individuals to learn and grow at their own pace and in their own time while learning to attract more prosperity into their lives.

Her soul purpose is truly to 'Cultivate Global Healing, One Soul at a Time.' What this means is that if she can assist one person, then they can attract more clients, build their business at a phenomenal rate, and by paying it forward, assist others.

Malathy has learned that one person does have the power to affect positive change. She believes that each of us can impact our immediate environment, our friends or family, our community, and the world as a whole?

She honors that all around the world the struggle to gain human dignity and equal rights for all people continues. She realizes that changes can come from the power of many, but only when the many come together to form that which is invincible the power of one. The great success of the Whispering Energy Collaboration is living proof of this concept.

Malathy knows that she is living proof that everyone has deep within them the power to change and she encourages each of us to join her in the Whispering Energy Collaboration to not only Be the Change but to take Action and Walk your Talk and Collaborate in Unity Consciousness to Heal the World