Guest Profile

Marcel Klasen

Marcel Klasen is an internationally recognized healer and hypnosis specialist with more than 2 decades of experience in private practice and as a teacher. Marcel's combines his unique gift of helping people heal through energy frequencies with his skills in mind power, sound healing and motivational coaching.

Marcel has helped thousands of clients from all walks of life overcome complex physical, emotional and behavioral challenges. His unique healing methods provide a practical framework to facilitate instant positive change, creating rapid and long-lasting results.

An in-demand public speaker, dynamic seminar presenter and respected adjunct faculty member of the National Guild of Hypnotists, Marcel is an board certified hypnosis instructor conducting workshops and certification courses in Healing and Hypnosis.

A talented musician, Marcel captures the essence of healing in his compositions. His critically acclaimed instrumental music serves as an ideal background to release stress, lift spirits and create peace of mind. Marcel is the producer of Inner Healing Series CDs that promote healing and self-improvement through voice and music.

Marcel is co-author of Everyday Miracles in Hypnotherapy and earlier this year he released his new book "HEALING It's Not What You Think - Decoding the Mystery of Healing." This book opens new pathways for healing, self-empowerment and happiness.