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Guest Profile

Marci Nault

In 2008 Marci Nault asked the questions, "What do I want from this life? If I wasn't afraid, and didnt play by the rules, how would I live?" Her answer was a life-list of 101 Dreams Come True that led her on a journey of self-discovery and adventure which included: living in Florence; training to be a competitive figure skater; learning to white-water kayak; writing a novel and gaining agent representation; traveling solo throughout the world; buying her home outright; learning to salsa dance; creating meaningful friendships; hiking a glacier in Alaska; lifting someone up who'd lost all hope; hang gliding; and much more.

Having completed over fifty of her life dreams Marci knows what it means to take risks, go after her deepest desires, live beyond fear, and to fall in love with life, the world and herself.


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