Guest Profile

Marcia Reece

Marcia Reece is the author of a new book called Secrets of the Marriage Mouse Find Your Forever Love in 4 Proven Steps. Marcia had 12 years of being tested in some memorable, some not so memorable, but always valuable relationships and she learned a ton.

The stories of her journey are in this book as well as many of her case studies. She has worked with singles from both here in the US and from abroad singles of all ages, of many professions and cultures because she wanted to test and re-test her theories.

Marcia Reece also invented the world-famous Sidewalk Chalk. She was invigorated by the challenges and rewards of working with American retail giants. Her work has been used by many of the Top Consumer Products Companies in the United States. Marcia helps many Entrepreneurs and Small to Mid Sized Companies create valuable products and brands through her creative marketing and innovative product development.

Marcia is passionate about helping you and she is driven by an incredible enthusiasm for living a full life. Marcia has been interviewed by a broad range of media including ABC and NBC national news, and local affiliates of ABC, CBS, and NBC, as well as in major print media.