Guest Profile

Maresha Donna Ducharme

Maresha Donna Ducharme is the founder and resident teacher of The Snow Dragon Sanctuary, a non-profit, charitable organization. Her commitment to help each individual realize peace, health, and well-being in life is the foundation of her teaching. For more than 35 years, she has been inspiring others to realize the sources of healing and peace which exist within each one of us. Her vision is to help people become empowered by living in conscious connection to the Divine, thereby create health and joy in living as expressed in the creation of The Sanctuary.

Maresha holds degrees in teaching, education, holistic and macrobiotic counseling, and energy medicine. Her background and experience in spiritual and theological training is diverse, and she has participated in a teaching ministry for the last 30 years. Maresha is a fire keeper of the sweat lodge, has trained extensively in Eastern medicine, and, in 1984, was initiated into the Kundalini Shaktipat tradition. In 2000, she established The Sanctuary, a mountaintop retreat open to all faiths and traditions and dedicated to the healing of humankind’s body, mind and spirit.