Guest Profile

Margaret Donahue

Margaret Donahue (Peg) is a feng shui consultant, personal empowerment coach, teacher, speaker, and author. She has an MBA from Boston University and a BA from Georgetown University, along with three professional feng shui, and several coaching, intuitive development and healthy building, certifications. In 2015, she received Southern NH University’s 2015 Excellence in Teaching Award as an Adjunct Instructor.

After a successful database marketing career, she founded Feng Shui Connections in 2001 out of a strong desire to help people succeed and easily achieve their life desires and dreams. She contributed to Success Manifesto, with Brian Tracy, in 2016, and co-authored Dorm Room Feng Shui in 2005.

Peg lives in NH’s Mt. Washington Valley. She enjoys helping people to live and work in healthy and vibrant spaces, and to master the art of thriving with ease and joy.