Guest Profile

Margaret Dulaney

Margaret Dulaney lives in Bucks County Pennsylvania, and writes from a 200-year-old stone house. She shares this home with her husband and jazz musician/producer Matt Balitsaris, and a multitude of semi-domesticated animals. The finest hours of her days are spent outdoors with her dogs, or on a neighboring farm with her horse and various farm animals.

In her backyard is an old barn originally converted into a studio for her husband's work. More recently, she uses the studio to do her recordings for Listenwell, the innovative spoken word website she launched in February 2010. The site offers once-monthly audio writings, which attempt to puzzle out spiritual ideas through story and metaphor.

An award winning writer, she has been published in various journals including Read the Spirit, Big Muddy Journal, and Cezanne's Carrot, which bestowed on her the non-fiction editor's prize for "The Wisdom of Communication," her essay on prayer.
A former actress, Margaret began writing many years ago as a playwright and now writes nonfiction of the personal, spiritual/ethical variety.

Margaret has recently released a CD compilation of stories from the site, Listen Well Volume One, which her husband produced and provided music for.
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