Guest Profile

Margaret M. Lynch

After 18 years of engineering management and winning top sales awards at Fortune 500 companies, Margaret M. Lynch left Corporate America to live her passion and pursue a mission.

Margaret has x-ray vision for seeing the fears and limiting beliefs that keep success minded people limited in their money and personal power. She delivers high-impact transformation that CLEARS the inner blocks to wealth and success and CREATES the "on-fire enthusiasm and charisma" that is KEY to sky-rocketing wealth.

In less than four short years, Margaret created a million dollar business using the exact techniques she teaches. As an accomplished speaker, success coach, top EFT Tapping expert and author, her widely popular products, programs and live events draw crowds of over 400 guests and reach 160,000 loyal subscribers from around the globe. Her huge energy, enthusiasm and expertise make Margaret stand out in her field, heralded by The Wall Street Journal as "The Tapping for Wealth Authority."

Her book Tapping Into Wealth will show you that your lifetime level of income, savings and debt are preset by your inner money programming. Margaret reveals that programming and shows you how to use Tapping for the inner shift that opens the door to more wealth than you ever imagined.