Guest Profile

Margaret Mary Mulqueen

I am a qualified and experienced therapist with an extensive career working with clients through issues including grief and loss, crisis and transitions, trauma recovery, suicidal ideation, anxiety management, addiction and relationship issues. My background includes over 14 years in private practice, supported by an earlier background in nursing and the education sector.

My work is underpinned by key concepts articulated by feminist theorist Carol Gilligan. The underlying purpose of my work is to assist women to 'remember' who they are and to support reconnection with the authentic self. This includes developing an understanding of the ways in which they are 'absent' to themselves and healing that which has led to the psychic splits. With appropriately aligned interventions women accomplish integration into a more cohesive self. When a woman is 'present' to herself, she functions in ways that are life affirming and authentic.

The Rose Pearl Way Program has been birthed out of my own authenticity crisis which took more than a decade to brew into the storm it became and lasted four long years once it arrived. It was a hugely challenging and gruelling trek - my own inner pilgrimage. Having forged my way and pioneered this path I believe I have the professional skills, fortitude, soul stamina, compassion, understanding and wisdom to be a guide to other women. I offer myself in this capacity to walk beside, at times leading the way, and at times encouraging from behind, as women journey their unique inner pilgrimage to their sacred centers within.

Currently a therapist and group facilitator within my own private practice, I work with a wide range of clients, providing both short and long term support. I utilize therapy modalities and interventions grounded in Humanistic, Transpersonal, Existential and Psychodynamic theories and incorporate principles and practices Guided Imagery and Music Helen Bonny Method, Psychosynthesis as developed by Robert Assagioli and Eric Bernes Transactional Analysis Theory. I integrate counseling theory and practice with a person-centered approach that utilizes Rogerian style methodologies and 'The Ways Paradigm'ways of being, knowing,understanding, I am highly skilled at assessing client requirements and using experience and discernment to match this to an effective therapeutic model or mix of models. Dedicated to ongoing professional development I am completing my Master of Counseling and have recently undertaken courses in group facilitation and leadership training. I am a member of the Creative Therapies Association of Aotearoa.