Guest Profile

Margaret McElroy

Margaret M Margaret McElroy is an internationally renowned clairvoyant, spiritual energy and deep-trance channel. Margaret teaches around the world in addition to her two teaching centers in Australia and the US. She specializes in web-based teaching from her headquarters in Seattle, Washington where she also broadcasts her weekly radio show, The Sixth Sense, on Margaret is the author of 5 books and has published numerous magazine articles spanning a range of topics from sexuality, to healing, past lives, and astrology all from a metaphysical perspective.

In 1999 Margaret M was invited to address a special United Nations group, the Society for Transformation and Enlightenment. Her channeled talk was rated the best that had ever been given there by any spiritual teacher or speaker. For more information about Maitreya, the energy she channels, please visit

Margaret's unique gifts - clairvoyance, channeling and teaching - are never utilized merely to entertain or dazzle, but specifically to help - individuals and groups alike, young and old and from every walk of life - for the betterment of all and ultimately, planet Earth itself. Her message is simple: Astrology and past-life awareness are key components to knowing who you are and what you are here to do. Knowing who you are through understanding your astrological make-up and touching the energy blockages from past lives can give you insights about the issues that are blocking you. Understanding these matters can unlock doors for you to a healthier, happier life.

Margaret M is eager and happy to advise people on all sorts of questions and issues and has done so for thousands from all over the world via phone, email, the web and in person. In her newsletters and blogs she often writes on subjects that appear frequently in the many e-mails and letters she receives. She also offers readings and counseling by phone and face-to-face at her office at the Maitreya Seattle Center for Learning and Healing in Redmond, Washington, and during speaking and channeling engagements overseas.

To learn more about the various services Margaret M provides, such as Astrology, Past-Life Readings, etc, please visit her website.