Guest Profile

Maria Simone

Maria Simone is an entrepreneur, speaker, author, conscious business architect and marketing expert who has been featured on ABC News and Fox TV as well as interviewed for a number of national publications including Business Week and Inventors Digest. She has launched several companies and has raised millions of dollars in funding. Her products have been sold on department store shelves, she has licensed her ideas for profit and has created a multiple income lifestyle. Upon retiring from a successful career in healthcare with a Fortune 500 company in 1999, Maria completely re-invented herself and began her entrepreneurial adventure. Besides creating her own successes, Maria has helped hundreds of people access the resources they need to do the same with her mentoring and coaching programs. She skillfully shows inventors, start-ups and service providers the exact next steps they need to take to package their ideas, attract investors, develop a steady stream of customers and create revenue. She is the founder of Signature Accents, makers of City Scarves and is an advisor to start-ups Consumer Trend News and Womens Information Network. Download her free business building tools at her website.