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Guest Profile

Marianne Weidlein

Marianne Weidlein, BSBA, author, transformational facilitator, and evolutionary guide, combines her 45 year background in human potential development, spirituality and self-employment to help groups and individuals achieve success. In 26 years of self-employment, she has developed expertise in self-mastery, peak performance, leadership, intentional manifestation, and self-employment. She has facilitated innumerable programs of varying sizes and formats to thousands of individuals and partnerships, using her curriculum and techniques.

By phone she guides women to become intentional authors of their unique destinies. She facilitates them to identify their sabotaging patterns, determine the most positive alternatives to replace them with, and supports them to follow through.

She authored Empowering Vision For Dreamers, Visionaries & Other Entrepreneurs - now an online business course manual for the self-employed; warm liquid life, and The Passage to Freedom manuscript, which is based on her mentoring program.


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