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Marion Baker

Marion Baker, The LOVE Therapist, is a Registered Therapeutic Transpersonal Psychology Counselor, who had been struggling through years of internet dating. She was at her dating wits end. Marion was tired of packing up her last remnants of dignity to leave yet another failed relationship that, only months ago, was to be THE ONE. What was the secret to lasting relationships? Still single in her mid-forties, she didn't have a clue.

A change came when Marion enrolled in a counseling program where she not only learned to counsel, but her life was the curriculum of the course. There she found the support and the courage to face her own self defeating patterns that were keeping her from finding lasting love. And she realized she wasn't alone.

Now happily married, she knew in her heart she has to help other women that were just like her. It is said that if you can find your way through your greatest struggle, then your highest service to the world would be to help others do the same. Marion's niche as a counselor was born.

Marion works with a transpersonal model based on A Course In Miracles, and has just authored her first book: The Lime Green Plastic Covered Couch