Guest Profile

Mark Pinhasovich

Mark Pinhasovich, earned the title of The Biggest Loser At Home Winner on NBC's Season 10 reality show. A self-proclaimed emotional eater, Pinhasovich stepped onto The Biggest Loser ranch at age 31 weighing 421 pounds. By the show's finale, Pinhasovich had lost more weight than any of the other contestants that season - an astonishing 213 pound loss Before The Biggest Loser, Pinhasovich was a financial advisor until the economy hit rock bottom.

Pinhasovich, who lives in the New York City area, had also hit rock bottom with his health and started auditioning for NBC's The Biggest Loser reality show. After four attempts, he was finally cast on Season 10 known as the, "Pay It Forward" season and made it to the final 10th week.

Pinhasovich has dedicated his life to be a role model for others struggling with obesity. He is a frequent public speaker on motivational health topics and has recently launched a new training facility in Las Vegas called AMPD FitCamp, which is inspired by his experience at The Biggest Loser ranch.