Guest Profile

Mark Rayner

"Authentic", "dynamic" and "genuine" are the words most used to describe Mark Rayner, founder of the Rayner Institute.

With over 35 years of research and hands-on work in human behavioral sciences, Mark’s vision of creating a place where people can come to learn the skills to be successful in life is now a reality. Students of the Rayner Institute are taught how to leave behind their past conditioning, embrace their authentic self and learn to coach and mentor others to do the same.

Mark's guiding principle of, "All behavior makes perfect sense" is evident in his life. His genuine approach towards his clients creates a high degree of trust and personal insights that result in lasting change.

An energetic single dad to two teenage sons, Mark is also a pilot, sailor, inventor, author, a world-class professional speaker and educator. Mark guides others on how to embrace their “Enoughness”. The inability to accept what is has us feel separate and causes us to suffer. Mark often says, “Accept what is and you will create what you want.”

Mark’s motto is simple: “If that is where you are, then that is where we shall begin.”