Guest Profile

Marnie Swedberg

Marnie Swedberg is the online mentor to over 14,000 leaders from 30 countries training B.U.S.Y. -Best Unique Strategies for You. She is a syndicated radio talk show host, the author of 12 "how-to" books, plus she personally oversees two businesses in the retail and restaurant industries. She consistently shares practical, doable success strategies to shorten your learning curve, increase your productivity and skyrocket your delight in life.  

Marnie hosts an online mentorship program for people of influence including authors, speakers, and leaders in all fields, providing monthly group coaching, weekly training sessions, and over 150 instant-access training modules with experts. Also, through, the largest online directory of its kind in the world, she serves as connector for thousands of speakers and planners around the world. She speaks, writes, hosts a radio show, and does media to improve the lives of leaders.Marnie is also the owner/manager of two local family businesses: A restaurant and a 12,000 sq ft retail store with twelve departments plus espresso café, bookstore, and indoor, glow-in-the-dark mini golf.