Guest Profile

Martha Austin

Pastor Martha Austin, lovingly known as Memah, is the founder and sole owner of Memah's Gourmet Delights, a bakery and catering company established in 2013. She takes great pride in her work as a baker and uses this platform as an opportunity to strengthen her community and create a legacy for her family. While Memah's Gourmet Delights is at the forefront of her current popularity, baking is only one of the many gifts and talents Pastor Austin possesses. Pastor Austin began her work in ministry in the late 90s, Pastoring Still Water International Ministries, mentoring with S.O.S Outreach, and creating a family conference series called Royal Destiny Family Conferences. With growing interest in the unique conference experience created by Pastor Austin, she later expanded into a theater production group called Destiny Productions. In 2011 she closed the doors of her church to transition into full time Evangelism and Outreach Ministry. This included becoming overseer (Interim Pastor) of International Healing and Deliverance Ministry and full time writer, producer and director for Destiny Productions! Stage plays like "No Daddy'', "The Gift", and "Blame" would be birthed out of Destiny and change the face of theatre in the Milwaukee area and beyond as her troop traveled the country performing. There is much power and influence packed into the vessel we call Pastor, Memah, Director, Mom, Mama Austin, Sister, Best Friend, Inspirator... and the best is yet to come! She is Art walking. She has fought through tragedies soaring into triumph by choice. She is a pillar in her community representing examples of integrity, providing opportunities for employment, and showing the world that in her 60s she's only just getting started!