Guest Profile

Martha Davidson

Martha is a Transformational Mindset Consultant, Certified Neuro-Transformational Leader and is certified in Hypnotherapy. She is passionate about enlightening and empowering her clients with proven coaching strategies and educating them on how to embody these mindset strategies to design & transform self-worth while letting go of the past and embracing the present. Her accelerator program, Mindset Reset, is her signature transformational coaching program.

Upon completion of the Mindset Reset course, participants can identify their personal inner limits and beliefs and have the understanding necessary to reframe their current reality. Transforming one’s self-perception and conception is pivotal to letting go of the past which is often the foundation (per research of illnesses and stress) that creates emotional drain and physical pain. Learning the art of reframing stress can help one can achieve desired success and happiness.

She is an Amazon Best Selling author of "Age With SAGE", and the Visionary Author of No More Silence. She is also a co-author of 7 anthologies where her chapters heighten the awareness of emotions and physical impact of holding on to silent stories.

As an Inspirational speaker, she hosted and participated in various workshops. She was a plenary speaker in March 2022 at the International Women Day Rise Conference in Paris, France. She was recognized in the March 2020 K.I.S.H. Magazine as a Sensational Women to watch in 2020.

She enjoys serving the under-served - especially the homeless and children. She is currently on the Board of Directors of Umi Feeds in Atlanta and Love Mama’s Legacy Foundation. She has one son, loves to travel and enjoys creating memories with family and friends.