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Guest Profile

Martha Stratienko

Martha Stratienko's coaching expertise lies in the fusion of the practical and the spiritual, with a focus on developing awareness and self-knowledge as a pathway to inner growth and outer success. She works with highly creative people, thought leaders, change agents, and those who seek to deepen or begin a spiritual practice.

Combining her experience in the fields of leadership training, social services and business with her life-long study and practice of the Eastern wisdom traditions, she brings a wealth of diverse knowledge and experience to her work, drawing on many years' work in varied roles: as a social worker with low-income families, a business consultant providing leadership seminars for executives of Fortune 500 companies, and hands-on manager in both the public and private sectors.

In addition to her work in the corporate world, she spent a decade under the tutelage of a renown Indian master, followed by another decade in the practice of Aikido, a Japanese martial art called The Art of Peace. These disciplines form the heart and foundation of her coaching today.

Martha is committed to helping clients achieve fulfillment and create a meaningful life by becoming who they truly are. She is particularly passionate about working with women leaders to bring out their leadership potential and contribute to the 50% Solution, which she believes we are sorely in need of to make this world a better place. Educated at the University of Pennsylvania in the social sciences and a certified coach through Coaching for Transformation, she is co-founder of Mandorla Coaching & Consulting,, which offers one-on-one coaching, mentoring, and programs in meditation and Aikido. Her coaching site is


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